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This license allows you to use the virtual property and it's contents exclusively within Utherverse.

The license prohibits the re-use of the layout, or it's contents for any commercial enterprise without the consent of Premier Homes prior to purchase 

The virtual property layout is for personal use only.

You may only save copies of textures to your personal computer in order to save for personal use only. 
You agree that if you should choose to host any of the content on any web hosting site, that you will host them in a locked and password protected private album. You agree to not host any of the contents from any Premier Homes property on any website where the content can be accessed by the public.

You agree to not save to your computer, to modify to any degree with the intention of reselling or redistributing the textures, 

you agree the property layout will not be modified in such a way as to rebuild the layout for resale . 

Premier Homes cannot give refunds for purchases . Please take time in evaluating the Property before purchasing.any problems will be investigated and a replacement offered if proven to be faulty 

Premier Homes shall not be responsible for any 3rd party changes made to the property by you the owner or any other decorator that affect the layout in any way after the purchase 

Premier Homes shall not be responsible for any glitches caused by patches or changes to the client or game software or any 3rd party image hosting site problems photobucket / IMGUR ect that affect the layout in any way 

Any misuse of your purchase from Premier Homes will immediately be reported to World Ops as a breach of agreement of our T.O.S  and a DMCA Notification will also be applied for

By proceeding with the Purchase you acknowledge
 that you have read and accept our T.O.S.

Premier Homes Copyright © 2010 /2016